Deux fois Cinq — by MFA.

Yet another digital painting by me. This woman wears scarifications on her face (and on each cheek 5 scars, hence Deux fois Cinq which translates from French as two times five in English). Some people from my culture (West Africa) undergo the ritual of scarification as children or in their early teens for various reasons depending on the ethnicity and spiritual system.

I love the concept of scars in visual and literal arts because they represent the indellible mark of life which shows you’ve grown. As Paolo Coelho wrote in The Manuscript Found in Accra, one of my all-time favorite books and the only book I’ve read several times (I usually don’t books several times), and let me paraphrase: when you face an opponent, your scars discourage them from fighting you because they represent a testimony of the battles you’ve fought and survived — whether you won or lost them. “Your scars speak louder than the swords that caused them”, if I remember the sentence correctly.

Therefore, due to my personal affinity with the concept of scars and healing, I love incorporating it into my art. Now that I’m back at painting and drawing, scars shall appear more frequently, also as a mark of my beautiful origins.


“The thrill I get when my face in yours I see; The Universe loves Itself through Its Twin. That’s why It multiplies” — MFA. I’m a writer. IG: @mfa.phnx #poetry