A meta-poem on my heartbreaking poetry.

Source: iStock.

I’d love to give you an issue out of the loop I present to you in my writings.

Don’t leave them trapped in there, is the mantra.

It brings just about anything out of me to transmute my thoughts, emotions and vivid images into lyrical dances on paper.

To make the ugly “artsy”;

The grotesque “fantastic”;

The evil “compassionate”

To present the wet stains of my tear drops on paper

As honesty

And not a complaint.

The bravery to carry my dead body away from the battlefield

Over and over again.

But more than anything, it unlocks a deep well of joy

Within me

To build those gates of transformation

And invite any observer

To make the wave functions of those gates

Collapse open.

So that, no matter the ugliness that may reside behind the words,

Salvation will always find its way to anyone who may relate.

Thank you for reading me so far.