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After what seemed to be an eternity of not writing and posting on my Medium page, I’m finally mustering some courage to face myself on “paper” again with a pen.

On how I am the greatest bully I have ever known…to my damned self. Name any type of mental suffering…

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I have just learned that forgiveness is not the excusing of someone’s actions and washing them away as though, in the end, there is nothing to forgive to begin with. But that forgiveness is the act of not resenting someone anymore after they did something “unacceptable” to you. …

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Why does this term elude me so much?

The word that should describe the moments

When Time dwells,

No I mean, dances on the tip of its toes

On this steep and flourishing hill

That I always fail to find a name for.

Happiness. Hm, too shallow a word…


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Sometimes I feel like an ashtray. Very often actually.

Someone who’s there for good use. Only.

And often…very often, it only takes people to not physically see me for a while for me to fall into oblivion in their lives…even if I actually had a very strong tie with them.

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I’d love to give you an issue out of the loop I present to you in my writings.

Don’t leave them trapped in there, is the mantra.

It brings just about anything out of me to transmute my thoughts, emotions and vivid images into lyrical dances on paper.

To make…


I never see the end coming

And before I know it,

An abyss is at my feet.

I’ve thought that over the years,

With all that training

And the vanishing of the ground under my feet,

I’d have enough muscle to hold on and not be shaken off

By those…

Namib Desert (Softpedia News)

My mind is a nomad

Who’s lost their way home…


Home is calling,

Home is calling,

Don’t forget about me.

My mind is a nomad

Who’s hung up on adventures…

Who’s felt home in other realms

But like a foreigner in their own.

Home is calling,

Home is calling,

Durchsichtig — MFA.

“I am powerful when transparent.

Within a certain radius, I cannot guarantee that an observer or receiver of my transparency may leave unharmed.

When my domain opens, you’ll find anything from knights and angels to beasts and demons. All equally striking.

One may appreciate the beauty of the raw flow of it all. But I want to transform my domain into a dojo where I learn about harmony and discipline.

To obtain a more refined power in my vulnerability that will no longer scare even myself.”

A comment on my sketch Durchsichtig meaning “transparent” in German.



“The thrill I get when my face in yours I see; The Universe loves Itself through Its Twin. That’s why It multiplies” — MFA. I’m a writer. IG: @mfa.phnx #poetry

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